American Staffordshire Terrier since 2004

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We always have this quote in our mind when we breed our American staffordshire terriers. 

”Today the staffordshire has emerged from his gladiatorial background as one of the finest of all dogs. He is proud and noble of bearing, he combines power with grace and agility, he is bright and alert, and his courage is not surpassed in any other animal on earth. He is intelligent, outstandingly amenable to training and discipline, and adaptable to almost any conditions. He is superbly gentle with children, intensely loyal and affectionate and a wonderful catch dog.” - 1940 Staffordshire Terrier Club of America Year Book. 


American Staffordshire Terrier club in Sweden


Jack Russell Terrier since 2016

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Jack Russell Terrier club in Sweden


Tibetan spaniel since 2016

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Tibetan Spaniel club in Sweden