I've had Am Staffs since 2004 and my kennel prefix since 2008. I had my first litter in 2009. I believe the American Staffordshire Terrier is a wonderful breed and it suits me and my familys lifestyle perfect! I have participated in the Swedish Kennel Clubs breeder education and Hundgruppens dogowner education (HUND3). In 2016 the Jack russel Terrier entered our home and we think that's a breeds that is a nice complement to our kennel. 

My first dog was a standard poodle and with him I tried all different kind of dog sports. But I got stuck on dogshows and I now travel around the country to show our dogs. One more thing I love to do is bloodtracking. I believe it's stimulating for the dogs because they work independently without any help from me and they love it!

We excersise our dogs a lot and since we live close to the nature we also spend a lot of time there. 



I got my own first dog in 2000, a six-year-old female American Akita named Chiba. I became very fond of the breed so in 2001 I bought a male Akita puppy named Loke. I started to take obedience- and tracking courses and in 2002 i managed to achieve a LP1 diploma with Chiba. Both my Akitas are now in dogs heaven. 

When I met Amanda I became very fond of the Am Staff, a breed with many similarities with the Akita. 

I'm an "all season runner" and I usually bring one or two dogs along my runs when the weather allows it (not to cold or to hot). 

I also have experience and training in usage of dogs in military operations.